Schools - Performance, Storytelling & Workshops

As qualified teachers with over 30 years experience we are well versed in the curriculum across all educational settings and Key Stages. We offer a selection of packages designed to support topic areas including Literacy,  RE, P.S.H.M.E. , Creative Arts and Science .


An Epic Indian Adventure: The story of the Ramayana featuring traditional, Rajasthani puppets, handmade in Delhi for the company. This 45 show delivers the story of the Ramayana whilst also touching on the themes of migration, belonging and cultural identity. Maria weaves in the story of her fathers emigration to the UK from India in the first wave of immigration in the 1950's sensitively exploring the issues of arrival, acceptance and difference.

Hinduism Workshop: This can run in conjunction with the Epic show or as a separate entity. An hour long interactive workshop exploring prayer, artefacts and the tenets of Hinduism. 

Judaism Workshop: The story of Moses re-enacted with the pupils, using songs, drama and artefacts. Bringing this Biblical narrative to life, encouraging debate and understanding many of the practices inherent in both Judaism and Christianity today.


Marvelous Machines: Brunel and Edison fall into your setting as their Time machine malfunctions! Can your pupils enable them to carry on their journey? Drama themed workshop which encourages pupils by building confidence  and facilitating them to  find their own inner engineer.... 

Space - The Victor Show: 5,4,3,2,1 Lift off!! Join Victor a gentle, hapless alien investigating the universe outside of his own experiences. Children help the performance by becoming boppers and whoppers in the band and movers and shakers in the action. Recycled materials create his spacecraft, assisted by the audience. Suitable for KS1 Science.


The Twits: Help Mrs and Mrs Twit recreate your own original Roal Dhal inspired story through acting, dance mime and storytelling techniques. Can also be adapted to encompass David Walliams and other authors characters.


The Tudors: In irreverent look at history through the eyes of  Horrible Histories inspired characters Sir Humphrey Melodies the Third and Lady Cecily Sosage. Unveiling food, sport and social history in an amusing format.

Slavery:  Suitable for older KS2 and KS3. Recreating a slave ship within your setting enabling pupils to encounter characters slavery eraand engage in improvised dialogue around the issues involved with this challenging subject.